KIK uitzending I

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Minerva 2002

KIK uitzending II

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Minerva 2002
KIK-TV was founded in 2002 ,consisting of a group of students interested in making television and short movies on
The Minerva Academy. With broadcasting as the MAIN goal.
At the begining there were 3 students who founded the idea and arranged there own classroom and some equipment from school.
The group was enlarged with 8 students who all started making programmes and short movies forming a half hour television-broadcast.
There have been 3 broadcasts from january till june 2002 on a big screen beamer in the main exposition-lobby of the Academy.
Which got great replies from fellow students and teachers.
Those months where a lot of fun, and very learnfull!
But sometimes a bit too much, which affected our own study results,
knowing the KIK-TV-idea is an after school project, not rewarded by regular grades.
So after the summer vacation we started to think of a new form for KIKTV, which would be easy to approach for everyone,
and less high maintenance.
Then we came up with the idea of a WEBSITE!
This had to be the new platform for our tv station.
Broadcasting over the internet!
The main idea of the site is to have a better view of what students on Minerva are making.
On the KIKTV-Site you can easily create your own personel page, upload movies, images or audio.
Now everybody who's interested can watch what you' ve made,and you can do the same.
A very effective idea, which could bring all of the creativeness a bit closer together!
Artistic greetz,

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